How to hack into someone’s private life using Google

“Google Knows it all”, this phrase unarguably is fit for getting all the knowledge in the world but did you know that google not only knows what is public knowledge but also knows extreme private stuff about every one of us. Let’s take an example you are browsing the web and you come across an advertisement showing a product you browsed may be a week ago, have you ever wondered how do another site knows what were you searched for on a marketplace? This is all google, when you do a search on Google, it stores that search for life off-course before you explicitly tell them to remove it, and as they are in the big leagues of online advertisement business, you can be certain, that one may use Google Adsense to show advertisement on their pages, and that is how Google knows everything about us.

Many people including some of my friends are in the illusion that once someone deletes his/her browsing history he basically has removes that search for good. If you are in this illusion too then snap out of it because when you delete your browsing history it only deletes the history that is locally stored in the computer and not what Google stores. By the trick given down below you can see every search you have ever performed, including the ones you have deleted “browser history”.

Now-a-days we all are using android “made by google” phones, and almost all of us have logged in using our personal email address. You may not even know but Google stores every activity that you perform on your android phone, from when were you watching videos to when you fell asleep, Google literally knows it all.

Now the Good stuff for what you all came for “knowing everything Google Knows about someone”:

Well it is pretty simple.

Step 1: First you need access to one’s gmail account or mobile phone or logged in computer for 5 minutes. You can probably easily get access to one’s mobile by giving excuse that you have to urgently call someone.

Step 2: Open Browser on the device or if you have access to the victim’s gmail account log in to it via a computer.

Step 3: Put this link in the address bar

Step 4: That is it, this is collection of all the data Google has for that person, if you want you can just check recent history by scrolling down, if you are searching for something specific you can search in the search box provided.

Note – I strongly suggest to get hold of someone’s personal mobile phone or logged in computer, because if you access someone’s Gmail account from a machine it has never been loggin in from, Google may send an email to the account telling the mac address and ip address used to access the account, which may lead to you.

“Anonymity is the key here, getting in and out without anyone knowing.”

So next time someone asks you that why are you ;hyper secretive’ with your password, you can safely say “tell me your and i’ll show you.”

*Note – will not bear any responsibility if you are caught doing anything illegal in the context of the post. Using someone’s account without his/her knowledge is a crime and is punishable under law.

Aryan Agarwal
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