Reasons why I Shifted to Linux from Windows


Personally, I strongly feel “Simpler the Better”. For me Windows was working perfectly fine and I had no reason to even consider trying other operating systems, but this was before I was almost forced by my college to try Linux for a change. Linux showed me ways I didn’t know existed and methods I thought was only true for Movies and TV (hacking!). Well I know it will be a very long leap of faith if I can change your mind about trying Linux instead of Windows but I am going to try exactly that in this article. So here are the reasons that stopped me from returning to Windows 10 after trying Linux.

1) The Terminal

Well if you don’t already know Linux have an extremely powerful tool known as the Terminal. It is basically a command line type software feature which can be used to find way around the operating system. With its own syntax and manuals available it is one of the best features of Linux distribution system. Have you ever watched any hacking movies and wondered what are the black windows that are on the hacker’s screen? Well it was most probably “The Terminal”. The terminal is the tool used for hacking and securing complex systems. Yes there is a steep learning curve but if you are determined it is nothing when you see the outcome.

2) Customisation

If you are an android power user you must have at some point of time tried “Launchers”, have you ever wonder why the same functionality is not available for desktop. Well there already is but not many are aware of it. This can happen only on Linux with a bundle of softwares known as “Desktop Environment”. There are many of these Desktop Environments available for download and they are almost exclusively “ALL FREE”. I recommend you trying “GNOME 3” and “KDE Plasma” desktop Environment. Customizing every part of Linux is just a Google search away, from How the window look or feel or where is the dock of application is, you can basically control everything and anything.

3) Concentration booster

Has it ever happened to you that you open your laptop for working and end up watching funny videos on Youtube or playing games? It used to happen to me all the time. But after using Linux for a while I got a hold of my concentration too well that I just work when I log into Linux. This is not just me but many people agree that Linux increases productivity and concentration.


Unlike other platforms Linux is open sourced and totally free. Linux was made for the purpose of serving one and all. It’s free nature definitely help it to achieve that. You can easily download Linux by typing download Linux on google no need to torrent it. Linux also comes with pre-installed many softwares for example Mozilla Firefox, RythmBox Music Player, Libre Office.

5) So many options

Linux is the only OS that comes with too many choices to attract different types of audience. These choices are called Linux distributions and there are far too many of that. If you are a hacker “Kali Linux” will certainly help a lot. Ubuntu, RedHat, Linux Mint are some of the many distributions available to download. I suggest you start with Ubuntu and make your way to other distributions.

6) FREE office suit

With Ubuntu there comes a software named as “Libre Office” this is the best possible replacement of MS Office and guess what, it’s free.  Agreed it may not be as powerful as MS Office but it gets the job done. From making a Powerpoint presentation to writing an article on word “Libre Office” can handle all the tasks easily.

7) Wine

While there are many positive points supporting why one should use Linux instead of Windows and Mac, one can counter that not many applications are compatible with Linux (eg. Many games). I can simply argue it by saying one word “Wine”. Wine is your one step solution to install ALL the applications that you can use with Windows. Games which do not support Linux also works fine with the help of Wine.

So as you have seen, trying Linux may not be so bad after all. If you agree to the points and want to try Linux yourself stay tuned as we are going to help you install Linux.

Aryan Agarwal
Aryan Agarwal

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