Top 5 Google Chrome Apps (Desktop)

Google has a very rich app collection, almost all the apps made for smartphones in the market are initially developed for Android market. More like a universal platform like Microsoft’s Windows 10 Google is going forward encouraging the developers to create app in such a way that it works both on android and Google Chrome for desktop. In fact, Google has its own Personal Computer Operating System known as ChromeOS. While most of users think and using Google Chrome as “JUST A BROWSER”, it is much more than that. It has two variety of customisability to offer to its customers namely extensions (Read:Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions) and Apps. Chrome apps can be browser inbuilt or standalone using chrome interface. These apps have a very rich experience that may ever surpass your standard desktop app experience. There are many apps out there down below we have listed some must try apps to get a hang of Chrome Apps.


Android phones have a very nifty feature in its youtube app that’s called floating videos for Youtube. The videos keep playing in a small box and you can browse Youtube for more. Though this feature is touch exclusive and Google sadly doesn’t allow you to browse android while playing videos in small windows (This do have a hack but that for some later post). Well this feature could be very much useful for desktop and not many have thought about it. So today I’m going to teach you how to play Youtube videos in small floating intractable windows. This is just one method other methods do exist

We have covered it whole over here- How to make youtube videos Float on desktop Just Like Android

Ever used TeamViewer? If yes then you are in for a big surprise. Google offers a very subtle and extremely easy to setup alternative for android, iOS and Chrome, Chrome Remote Desktop. While it does not offer you whole features that TeamViewer offers but if you using just for personal use you are going to love chrome remote desktop. What it does is cast your desktop screen to any device connected to your Gmail account.

How to set it up?

  • Download the Remote Desktop on Google Chrome. (Link is mentioned above)
  • Download Remote Desktop Application on the device you to access it from it can be anything your mobile tablet or another PC.
  • Make sure both the devices are logged in with same gmail account.
  • Then Click on Get started below the My Computers tab in the remote desktop app window.
  • It will ask you to set up pin. Do that.
  • Then search for new computers in Remote Desktop application you installed on the device you want to access your computer from.
  • When you see your PC which you want to access in the Remote Desktop app just click on it and then it will ask for pin that you entered previously.
  • You are all set to use your computer.

Google Keep in a multiplatform note taking application. Google has a suite of extremely well built apps for android and this list do contains Google Keep, guess what Google Keep is also available for chrome and can work as a separate desktop application. You don’t need internet for making notes but internet is required to sync the notes between your connected devices and believe me it is seamless. Sure many note taking applications are available for desktop which also include major players like Evernote and of course the Microsoft’s sticky notes. While these are also viable options for taking and saving your notes I find Google Keep extremely helpful, the trust of Google steels the cup.

We have mentioned Pocket a lot of time, well this is just because Pocket is awesome, it should come as no surprise that pocket is also available for Chrome considering its multi-platform availability promise. Pocket for Google Chrome is really in my opinion “state of the art application”. Saving articles offline, setting your read list, setting alarm for article, viewing anything on the go you name it Pocket does all. If you are a news buff, fashion buff or have interest in any field and like to read about that pocket is a perfect application for you. If you have not tried pocket yet trying it from Google Chrome desktop is a great start.

This is Google’s third application to made it to the list. Hangouts is a messaging, Voice Chatting, Video Chatting and Group conferencing app developed by Google. It syncs with your Gmail account and you can chat to any of your Google Plus contacts instantaneously. This application is preferred by many intercountry frequent travellers to communicate as like most of the other conferencing applications are banned in some countries. Google Hangouts application for Google Chrome is well built with its own interface. A must try app.

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