How to use Windows PC as WiFi hotspot

Internet is one of the most essential elements in this modern era. This so happens that many times we are not able to get hold of Wifi all the time but have an Ethernet port or simply don’t have a Wifi enabled modem. Well there’s a work around for this problem using your laptop. Most laptops now are enabled with WiFi routing and WiFi repeating technology. It is a piece of cake making a hotspot using your laptop just follow the instructions given below.


  • For Windows 10 (Running anniversary update and above):

Microsoft recently made “Mobile Hotspot” an in-built feature for Windows 10 in its anniversary update. This feature is Microsoft’s next step to make Laptop PCs more like mobile for its universal platform.

Note: This only works for Windows 10 version 1607 or more. You can check the version of windows by clicking on the start button>> type winver>>check the

If it is not then install the new Windows 10 update.

After installing the update you are good to go.

STEP 1: Open the settings menu from the Start menu.

Click on the Network and Internet.

Step 2: Click on the Mobile Hotspot option. (PS: See the note above)

Step 3: Change the settings as you want. The name and Password and its done. You can connect other laptops and mobile phones with your hotspot.

  • For Windows 7 & Windows 8: Using the command prompt (cmd)

STEP 1: Right click on the start button and in that click on the command prompt (admin) (preferred) or open the run and type “cmd” of command prompt and click enter. The command window will open.  Just so you remember this is the place where you can do a lot of cool stuff.

STEP 2: Now you should first check if your system support hosting the network.

For this type the below in cmd,

netsh wlan show drivers

A output like this will be shown,

If it shows” yes” in front of hosted network supported then you are good to go.

STEP 3: Type the below code in command propt:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Hotspotname key=password

this in cmd by this a hotspot will be created but it is currently offline.

If everything is correct you will get something like this.

Note: Change “Hotspotname” and “password” with your desired password and hotspot name.


It might show a message like “You must run this command from a command prompt with administrator privilege” this means you haven’t opened the right cmd so you should open the cmd by right clicking on start button and then click on Command prompt (admin).

STEP 4: We are almost done now, just type

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

this will start the hotspot network you created.

And its done!

If you want to check the status of your hotspot you can type

netsh wlan show hostednetwork

STEP 5: To stop the hotspot network type

netsh wlan stop hostednetwork

  • Alternative method: Using Apps such as Connectify, Shareit (for data transfer), Virtual Router etc.

**Works with All Windows version.

Download it form here

Connectify Hotspot is a very famous desktop application used for creating hotspots for Microsoft Windows platform. It is paid but have a trial version available if you want to try it before purchasing. It also have one click solutions for creating wifi repeaters to extend range of wifi. After downloading just enter the Hotspot name and password and click “Start Hotspot” and then you are good to go.

Note: If you do torrenting, Connectify hotspot cracked version is readily available on torrent sites.

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